Nathan Fletcher

Always A Rising Star

Before Nathan Fletcher became a rising star in the Democratic Party, he was a rising star in the Republican Party and an establishment favorite. 


In fact, Nathan worked for 15 years as a paid Republican political operative – as Political Director of the State Republican Party, senior staff to corrupt Congressman Duke Cunningham, and even two terms as an elected conservative in the State Assembly. 

And Nathan, always eager to please, was staunchly pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-gun, and anti-union in the State Assembly. It made him the darling of the Republicans. But then…

There’s not one position of mine that’s changed. There’s not one principle that’s changed. The only thing that’s changed is the party label.
— Nathan Fletcher (San Diego Union-Tribune)
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But then Nathan ran for Mayor in a Democratic city. And a life lived as a conservative Republican in a town with many more Democratic voters wasn’t convenient for his path to power. So after losing the GOP endorsement to a pro-gay marriage candidate, Nathan bolted the party....and joined the Democratic Establishment.


He even divorced his powerful Republican wife and married a powerful Democratic wife. His conversion was complete.

And now Nathan is back…his star rising again with the help of a pliant Democratic Establishment who is passing over a Latina and two African Americans who have been loyal Democrats their entire lives.



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